Tool Storage


  Tool Box
    Massive & Mobile 3-part Stainless Steel Tool Box

One of the best-designed and built tool chests weve ever used becauseit covers all the bases:
traditional toolbox on top with removable tray
more storage underneath
a 2-drawer storage chest for holding small tools, parts and supplies and lastly
a large, deepstorage chest for bigger items.
Stack them together, extend the handle and all rolls effortlessly on soft-rubber rollers.
The perfect setup for anyone who needs to travel with their tools frequently.
A highly-mobile, centralized place for hobby tools or arts crafts supplies.
3 separable components:
traditional toolbox with tray
2-drawer compartment
large storage box
Large pull-handle extends to 38
Chest rolls easily & quietly on 2W x 6H soft-rubber wheels
Heavy-gauge, non-corroding stainless steel and impact-resistant ABS construction

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